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        Tim and Krissy went above and beyond for me! After welcoming Doc home, they stayed in touch for any help they could offer. They included me in training days and club events, and requested that should something happen where I couldn’t take care of him, they would gladly take him in until they could find another loving home.
The best part for me was that they aren’t running a puppy mill. They believe in preserving a line of great dogs to be lifelong companions and hunting buddies.
Unfortunately, I lost my buddy in an accident. Tim and Krissy were some of the first to reach out, and it meant the world. When I get the heart for another hunting buddy, I hope the waiting list isn’t too long! Thank you both for everything!


Jimi has become a true joy in our lives. The process of buying him from Tim and Krissy was smooth and easy, and it was the best decision we could have made. Jimi loves to cuddle with us every night, and loves to play fetch every day. He gets along great with his siblings Kaya the yellow lab and Nacho and Fuego the kitties. Jimi brings pure joy into our hearts and we were blessed to find him through High Desert Labs. We are Lab lovers for life! 

Sara & Ben - Moses Lake

We bought this young man and couldn’t be more happy to have him in our lives. He is getting geared up to run his first hunt test with our 16 year old set to run him. He is a gentle soul and loves to retrieve. He is the calmest dog I have ever seen when it’s not his turn to run, even mock tests. He’s been to a couple of tests with us as a family to watch and learn and he just lays around waiting for us to say it’s his time. I would buy multiple pups from High Desert if I had the room and unlimited funds. I love being able to learn and teach him and my daughter at the same time. He has definitely filled a void in our lives from the loss of our gentle giant German Shepard who was our daughters best friend, now it’s Finlee. Thank you again for letting us be his family.

Shawn R

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